Sumatra Karya Mandiri

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Our Sumatra is a wet-hulled processed coffee from the region of Aceh. This coffee comes from
various smallholder farmers in the region. The farmers in this region have a passion for quality
so a common practice is for farmers to focus on uniformity when it comes to their crop. This
particular lot is a triple-pick lot, meaning it goes through extra sorting during the picking process.

Our Sumatra is a very traditional and full-bodied cup. This coffee has wonderful notes of cocoa
and grapefruit with a nice touch of acidity on the backend. This coffee has a very rich and heavy
mouthfeel to it.

This coffee is a very traditional cup that makes for a cup of coffee that is rich in taste and body.
We think that this coffee is best enjoyed in the morning and the afternoon as a wonderful and
delicious way to wake oneself up.

Country: Indonesia 
Region: Tega village, Bonga, Kibo, Kaffa
Farm: Tega and Tula Coffee Farm
Variety: 74110, 744, 7454
Process Method: Washed
Altitude: 1,890-1,905 MASL