Colombia Tio Conejo Natural

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Our Colombia Tio Conejo is a naturally processed coffee that we get direct trade from our
friends at the Cafe Tio Conejo is in Manizales, Caldas. We have developed relationships with
the wonderful farmers of Tio Conejo and this allows up direct access to them and their great
selection of coffee.

This particular coffee is a light roast coffee that has notes of bakers chocolate with a nice acidity
that tastes similar to that of baked plum. There are also very heavy notes of sweet blackberry
that give it a wonderful fruity taste to the coffee.

This cup is for those who like a nice, exotic cup. This cup is very bright with a very balanced
acidity. We would recommend this coffee to those who would like to try something they would
not normally select when looking for a more traditional cup. We like to equate this coffee to a
nice wine, or beverage that you like to enjoy during special events or good company.

Country: Colombia
Region: Cauca
Farm: Tio Conejo
Variety: Catuai, Caturras
Process Method: Natural
Altitude: 1600 MASL