All Things Coffee

Today, Dustin introduces a new video series we are calling All Things Coffee, where we dive into the world of coffee and all that goes with it! Wholesale, production, preparation, tasting notes, and everything in between, we want to offer you a one-stop-shop on coffee information. We would love for you to join us on this fun journey! 

In this episode, we explore the V60 coffee pourover method to preparing the perfect cup of coffee. Brady walks us through the process, while also providing expertise on the method behind it. 

Today, Trevor and Dustin walk us through the coffee tasting process. Learn how we determine coffee notes and flavors by cupping different origins in our repertoire!

For our third episode of All Things Coffee, Dustin and Chandler break down our coffee labels, and what they mean. We have coffee from all over the world, and we would love to get that coffee to you. Chandler talks about wholesale opportunities and how you can partner with us to share coffee to your community!